Recognizing School Perseverance: Congratulations, Kayla Soule

PERSEVERANCE WEEK is February 10-14th. It is a week to actively encourage our communities to talk about the importance of staying in school to obtain a diploma or certification, and to encourage our youth to persevere in their studies.

Kayla and Pam 2014Kayla Soule received funds from the Literacy Volunteers of Quebec Student Solidarity Fund in recognition of her school perseverance efforts. Kayla understands school perseverance first-hand. She is working toward creating the future she envisions for herself, a future that requires a high school diploma. She attends classes at the Brome-Missisquoi Campus in Cowansville, in addition to meeting regularly with Yamaska Literacy Council tutor Pam Dillon to strengthen her literacy skills.  Demonstrating courage and commitment, Kayla is achieving her goals and continues to set new goals for herself.

For many students, it is difficult to participate in literacy programs because of the cost of paying for things like transportation, childcare, course materials, etc. The Literacy Volunteers of Quebec (LVQ) Student Solidarity Fund allocates funds annually to help adult learners enrolled in LVQ member community-based adult literacy programs to defray some of these associated costs. The goal is to provide financial assistance so a learner does not have to choose between going, or not going, to class.

Literacy Volunteers of Quebec (LVQ) is a provincial not-for-profit coalition that supports community, volunteer-based literacy groups through professional development, communication and advocacy.  The Yamaska Literacy Council (YLC) is a member of LVQ, and provides free literacy and essential skills tutoring in English to adults in Brome-Missisquoi.

For more information, call the Yamaska Literacy Council at 450-263-7503/ 866-337-7503 or

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