Share the Word on International Literacy Day

September 8th is International Literacy Day. This day is set aside each year to recognize the barriers faced by people around the world who cannot read, or struggle with the printed word. The Yamaska Literacy Council (YLC), in partnership with Pettes Memorial Library and the Knowlton Lions Club, invites you to participate in Share the Word, a public event held on September 8th at 2pm at Pettes Memorial Library, to raise awareness of literacy issues and to promote local literacy services. Come out and celebrate lifelong learning!

At this event, two adult learners from YLC will share their words by reading excerpts from books that they have written. Their books, along with other materials, will be donated to the library as part of the literacies collection that was launched this spring. The collection was developed through a partnership between YLC, Pettes Library and the Knowlton Lions Club, and recognizes that there are multiple literacies (print, visual, digital, etc.) and that we all have different literacy challenges, whether it’s decoding text, or trying to figure out how to use our new tablet.

ILD invitation POSTER

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