Are books better than chocolate?!

At YLC, we’ve done some serious research (lots of chocolate! lots of books!) to find out if books are better than chocolate. The conclusion: YES, books win! and our #1 reason why: “Books last longer than any box of chocolate!”  (However, we also conclude that books pair nicely with chocolate any time of the year.)

Looking for something to read with your chocolate this Valentine’s Day? Come in and check out some new materials at YLC


  • Street Cat Bob, a book (a true and heart warming story) about how one man and a cat saved each other’s lives.
  • Page Turners, 16 easy-to-read short stories that are sometimes funny, sometimes irreverent.
  • Prefer math over chocolate???  Check out Make Math Work, a series of ten booklets, each focusing on one area of math related to a chosen career path.

With Valentine’s just around the corner, think books! Visit your library, check out our favourite books store Brome Lake Books, or come visit us at YLC.

We’d like to hear why you think books are better than chocolate?

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