Celebrating literacy through ART

pam at work

Created by artist and YLC tutor Pam Dillon (right), this work of art  commemorates the 35th anniversary of the Yamaska Literacy Council.

The art was launched as part of YLC’s launch, lunch and learning celebration on April 14th.  Guests were treated to a digital presentation of the making of the piece, created and presented  by Kayla Soule.

In Pam’s words..

Birthdays and milestones are worth celebrating. With the 35th Anniversary of YLC,  I wanted to participate and tip my hat to the Council. Why not a piece of art to commemorate YLC. It has been a lovely project for me, and was fun to do. In a country filled with trees, and leaves, and fruit, and shelter, trees symbolize growth and renewal. I hope my art piece makes people think about the Council, and all the ways it helps us grow, renew, and make a difference.

Shown below, the carved wood block (left) and the framed piece that is proudly displayed at YLC’s Literacy Centre in Cowansville. Thank you Pam for your gifts!

photo 2photo 1

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