Literacy & Essential Skills

Literacy is more than knowing how to read and write.

Literacy is a skill that enables us to manage a variety of tasks at home, at work and in the community

International research indicates that 1 in 5 adults (16-65 years) in Quebec has serious difficulty with literacy tasks required in daily life.

The Yamaska Literacy Council helps people develop  essential skills for learning, work and life.

Essential skill icon_les9 Essential Skills

  • Reading: reading material such as notes, letters, newspapers, manuals, etc.
  • Writing: doing tasks such as filling in forms, writing text and using computers to write.
  • Document Use: using tables, graphs, signs, labels, etc.
  • Numeracy: using and understanding numbers and money
  • Computer Use: using computers and other technology
  • Thinking: knowing how to problem solve, make decisions, plan and organize tasks
  • Oral Communication: using verbal skills to exchange information and ideas with others
  • Working with Others: performing tasks with others
  • Continuous Learning: learning and using new skills and knowledge throughout life