Math Tips & Resources


  1. Attitude: whatever it takes to breathe, relax and move forward with math issues together with your student. Stress is “catching”.  Tips for addressing math anxiety
  1. Tools: highlighters, graph paper, pencils, eraser, ruler, calculator
  1. Skills: knowledge of times tables, knowledge of time (seconds, minutes, hour, weeks in a year, months in a year), math vocabulary (more than, less than, etc.)
  1. Critical thinking about math: what makes sense? Look at the bigger picture.
  1. Organization: binder, math notes, uninterrupted time, comfortable work space
  1. Practice math: Use weekly grocery store ads, practice times tables, look for numbers and math in your own environment (temperature, gas prices per litre, paying 15% tax on the dollar, etc.)


  • Math resources available from the YLC lending library. There are many other materials.  Please come in and browse the shelves. 
    • Breakthrough to Math
    • Jump Start
    • Make Math Work
    • Math Sense  Smart Solutions (Math Sense-older version)
    • Menu Math