You and the Law

Finding and understanding legal information
can be a challenge for many people. 

For individuals with low literacy, the task is even harder.  Knowing our basic rights helps us make choices that are best for us.  To help bridge the gap, the Yamaska Literacy Council developed a series of booklets on legal topics.

you and the law

YLC’s You and the Law Series

Each topic has a manual for the student and the tutor.


Do I need a will?
How do I make a will?
What happens if I don’t have a will?

Student manual          Tutor Manual

Health Law

What is consent to medical treatment?
How can I get access to my medical files?
What happens if there is an emergency?

Student manual          Tutor Manual

Employment Law & Labour Standards

Am I entitled to a vacation?
What happens if I am fired?
Who pays for my uniform?

Student manual          Tutor Manual